NAI National Conference

Spokane, Washington – November 14-18, 2017

About the Conference

Immersed in rich cultural history and surrounding natural beauty, Spokane has long been a place where people gather to exchange goods and ideas. As Washington state’s second-largest destination (next to Seattle), the Spokane Valley is a hub for commerce, the environment, and tourism. In its past and present, it is the largest trading hub for gathering tribes and businesses that include three states (Washington, Idaho, and Montana) and two Canadian provinces (British Columbia and Alberta).

With a vibrant waterfall and river running through this urban metropolis, one can easily forget that they’re in the midst of a big city.  Spokane offers the best of nature and heritage, proving to be an ideal location for this year’s national conference.

The word “Spokane” comes from the local native community, meaning “Children of the Sun.”  Join us in illuminating interpretation to our communities, ourselves, and future generations to come.

To register:

NAI National Conference Registration

For ZWPA Scholarships to the NAI Conference Click Here: 2017 NAI ZWPA Conference Scholarship Application

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Zoos, Wildlife Parks & Aquaria Community 

2017 InterpNET Conference – December 5, 2017 


Click here for more information on the 2017 InterpNET Conference


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