*General NAI Announcement*
In order to maintain communication with our members, NAI asks that you please click here to update your email address to an address you will have access to over the coming weeks.

We recognize COVID -19 has the ability to affect the health and safety of all zoo and aquarium guests, staff members, and animals. The safety of everyone, including wildlife, is of paramount importance to everyone in National Association for Interpretation’s Zoo, Wildlife Parks, and Aquaria (ZWPA) section. We recognize this is an unprecedented time where interpreters are relying on one another for innovative and novel ways to connect people with wildlife and nature and the results have been awe-inspiring.

Visit our COVID-19 Resources page for information ZWPA has compiled. If you are looking for additional resources, please feel free to contact our leadership or email us at

Together we can.


Open Board Position: Secretary-Treasurer

We are accepting nominations for the Secretary-Treasurer position. Find out more by following this link to our ZWPA Section Leadership Page.

Share your stories during these times!

Consider contributing to our newsletter about how you and/or your facility have reacted to the current Covid-19 pandemic. What have you been doing to fill your time? How have you created new ways to engage with your audiences? How might some of these methods transfer over once society begins to reopen?

If you would like to share your experiences, contact our communications chair at




Share your successes, stories and photos with ZWPA! We are seeking member-generated content for our 2020 newsletters. If you or your team would like to share your experiences with the following topics contact Andrew Hogan at HoganAJ235@gmail. We are looking for pictures, articles, highlights or anything else you would like to share to help other interpreters develop successful programming.

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